Aquarium Setup

    Modern aquariums have come along way. New technologies have made marine and freshwater systems more succesful. Aquarium Science offers a wide range of custom aquariums including glass and acrylic. Custom cabinets are available for all sizes along with the option of in wall systems. Recent projects can be viewed on the galleries tab under living space transformations.

Reef Aquariums

    Reef Aquariums are saltwater ecosystems which focus on corals and invertabrates along with fish. Bright lighting and natural decor are used to provide the right environment for the livestock. Clients that are looking for diversity, color, and a natural look prefer reef aquariums.

Saltwater Fish Only Aquariums

    Fish only aquariums focus primarily on exotic fish and artistic expression. Beautiful fish that are not compatible with a reef system can be placed in fish only aquariums. Clients looking for artistic decor and larger fish will enjoy a fish only setup.

Freshwater Aquariums

    Freshwater aquariums are diverse and less complicated in design then saltwater. If a lush green look is prefered, a freshwater planted aquarium is the best investment. African or American cichlids fish can bring a lot of life and color to a residence or office for less money than a saltwater setup.

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